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A note to parents from your school health room...           

Hello! This is a short “get acquainted” note. We wanted to share a little of our philosophy and plan of care with you. You are probably aware that we are serving your student from our individual school offices. To start with, your enrollment process encompasses a Student Health record called CareDox, and we ask that you fill this out as completely as possible. All health information is kept confidential-for you and your Nurse, with teachers informed of student’s medical conditions as necessary for your child’s care (ex. Diabetes, Food Allergies, Asthma, etc.). Please be sure to update your phone and contact numbers whenever they change, we feel it is imperative that we be able to contact someone in case of an emergency. All of the information necessary for us to take care of your student completely and fully is kept in CareDox, including immunizations and the Health Examination Report (physical).  All students are required to present proof of current immunization status, signed by a physician. The Immunization Statement acknowledges that you have been provided with knowledge of this law. The Health Examination Report must be signed by a physician and is only necessary for kindergarteners and students under the age of nine whom are entering Kansas schools for the first time. Children who transfer from other Kansas schools should provide a copy of the entrance exam they had for their former school. All forms can be signed within the CareDox program.  Forms and records of immunizations can also be faxxed or uploaded into the CareDox program. Please see the section on CareDox for more complete information.  


Basically, we tend to the children in the following manner. We do our best to keep your children in the classroom, ready to learn, as much as possible. If a child comes to the office complaining of “illness” but does not have a fever, we have them rest for 5 or more minutes. Then they are sent back to class. If the teacher feels that a student is ill enough to be sent to the health room a second time, we routinely call a parent. Any child with a fever of 100 or above MUST be sent home. Parents do need to sign the student out through the school office. All students seen in the nurse’s office must bring a note from their teacher. The Health Room staff needs to ensure that the teachers know where their students are at all times. We try to fit as much as possible into each day. We know that students are susceptible to flu, strep throat, chicken pox, injuries, and various viral infections.


Daily medications are distributed to students who have doctor’s orders during their lunch periods. Prescription medications are given with physician authorization and parental permission. For grades preschool through seniors, there are OTC (over the counter) forms for parents to sign. You may do this through CareDox. For Preschool through fifth grade parents will need to bring the medication for their child do to dosage limitations, allergies, and other stumbling blocks. Please see the medications web page for more specific and IMPORTANT information.


Recess injuries are often seen in our office. Scrapes can be tended to by the students themselves. Injured areas that do not exhibit a bump, bruise, or edema (swelling) can be treated by a cold, wet, paper towel.  Ace bandages are not utilized in the elementary ages to allow closer observation of pain sites and movement. If a student has a visible bump, edema, a palpable bump, a swollen lip, or an area of questionable bone involvement, we have the child apply ice. Usually with these kids, we try to notify a parent so they are aware of the injury. We always attempt to notify a parent when a student bumps their head (so that parents know to monitor them closely that evening at home) hard enough to leave a bump or red welt. Most parents tell us they prefer to be informed.


There are students in every grade level who experience special health care needs. We care for these students on a daily basis and monitor them closely. Occasionally students will have to wait to be seen by health room staff while we assess emergencies. Another of our duties is to respond to other emergencies in the district, and assist with daily assessment of medical deficits and treatments. We schedule state-mandated and other programs (dental checks, vision and/or hearing checks, heights and weights, secretion precautions lessons, etc.) to utilize as little time away from the classroom as possible. We do expect to keep the health room hopping!

If you feel that your child is truly ill, please do not medicate him/her and send him/her to school. Students who have vomited or run a fever should not return to school until they have experienced 24 hours symptom-free without medication. We appreciate if you let us know if your child has contracted a communicable disease such as chicken pox, strep throat, fifth’s disease, etc. You are welcome to call us or inform the school administrative assistant who will let us know. If you have any questions or concerns please telephone or come and see us. If you call the office they can transfer you to our office. We are always open for comments, suggestions, and improvements; please come and see us if you have any. Actually, a friendly face is always a welcome sight!!


 Thank you for your attention to these issues,


 Your School Nurses and Health Clerks

 Nurse Kellie - District Lead Nurse USD #385


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