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Fee-Supported All Day Kindergarten Program Information/Application Available Here

Half Day Program to Continue as Well

March 12, 2009

Andover Public Schools will offer fee-based all day Kindergarten at each elementary school in the district beginning in August. Half day Kindergarten will continue to be available at each elementary school.

Read the information below about all day Kindergarten.  

Click here to view a brochure about the All Day Kindergarten program.  

Click here for the All Day Kindergarten application.


What is a fee-supported all-day kindergarten?
The fee-supported kindergarten program will bring all-day kindergarten to families who chose to participate. The fee is $275 per month for the additional half-day of kindergarten. Fees will be reduced to half for students qualifying for the reduced meal program ($137.50) and no fees will be assessed for those students qualifying for the free meal program.

Why the option?
Because state funding only supports half-day programming, half-day kindergarten will continue to be the norm for most kindergarten students. Many parents may prefer to ease their child into the public school system through a half-day option. Therefore, it’s important for parents to be aware of their child’s emotional and cognitive abilities and make the decision that is best for their family. Over the past several years an increasing number of parents have asked for the opportunity to enroll their child in an all-day program, if it were available. The fee-supported program offers an all-day option for these families.

How will students be selected?
A minimum of 18 students is required to offer the class, and class size is expected not to exceed 22. Andover Elementary Schools will offer the number of sections as needed to accommodate the number of students enrolled per building. Assignments will be made to the program through a lottery of the submitted applications. If there are additional applications not chosen through the lottery or submitted after the application deadline date those students will be put on a waiting list and used in a lottery for any future openings in the program.

What will the program look like?
The curriculum content for all-day kindergarten will build upon the curriculum offered in the half-day program. Both programs will cover the same curriculum and have the same outcomes. The all-day program will offer students increased instructional time in the core academic areas and to engage in hands-on, multi-day projects and interdisciplinary learning. Children will have the opportunity to experience the kindergarten curriculum at a different pace. As with the half-day program, the all-day kindergarten will be taught by certified kindergarten teachers.

According to a report from the ERIC Clearinghouse of Elementary and Early Childhood education, the best studies show that the ideal kindergarten programs are those that are developmentally appropriate, intellectually engaging, and informal. The all-day kindergarten program will allow additional time to accomplish the following Kindergarten goals:
        • integrate new learning with past experiences through project work.
        • involve children in firsthand experience and informal interaction with objects, other children, and adults.
        • emphasize language development and appropriate pre-literacy experiences.
        • emphasize reading to children at school and at home.
        • offer a balance of large group and individual activities.
        • provide sufficient time to allow individual progress on basic skills.
        • allow for enrichment.
        • assess students’ progress through teacher observation, performance, and student work collections.
        • develop children’s social skills, including conflict resolution.

Program Details
The following guidelines provide an outline of more specifics about the Andover Fee-Based All-Day Kindergarten Program. Please contact any of the current elementary schools for additional information or clarification about the program.
        • Parents will need to purchase or provide lunch for their child.
        • All-day kindergarten will be in session on the days that school is in session for other kindergarten students. It will follow the district calendar. Parents will need to make daycare arrangements for days when school is not is session.
        • Bus transportation will be provided for students to their designated home school only.
        • The fee for this program is $275 per month for 9 months with the first payment due upon acceptance of enrollment in the program and no later than May 1st. Failure to keep payment current (fees will be considered late after the 7th of each month October – May) will result in withdrawal from the program and students will be returned to the half-day program.
        • Fees will be reduced to half for students qualifying for the reduced meal program ($137.50) and no fees will be assessed for those students qualifying for the free meal program (per application for the 2009-2010 school year).
        • If funding and student spaces are available, adjusted fees based upon qualifying factors may be provided for families who make application.
        • The district will no longer offer an At-Risk All-Day Kindergarten Program.
        • Fee-supported All-Day Kindergarten Program applications will be provided to parents at kindergarten roundup (March 3rd) and will be available at each elementary building and through the district website (www.usd385.org).
        • Applications must be submitted to any elementary building by March 23rd. All-Day Kindergarten Program lotteries will be held between March 24th and April 14th.
        • The number of students chosen to participate at each building will depend upon the number of applications submitted per building. There must be a minimum of 18 students to establish a class section, with a maximum of 22 students per class.
        • Parents will be notified by phone and by mail by April 14th. The first month’s fees must be submitted to the home building by May 1st to hold the space.
        • Additional sections may be determined upon receipt of additional applications after March 23rd. A lottery for these positions may be implemented. Parents will be informed accordingly. The first month’s fees must be submitted within 7 days of notification of acceptance in the program.
        • Board of Education approved Kindergarten enrollment fees will be assessed in the fall.

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