Workers' Compensation

If your injury or illness is life threatening, please call 911. 

USD 385 Employees

For after-hours work-related injuries and/or illnesses requiring immediate attention, go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care clinic.

If you have a non emergency, work-related illness or injury, please complete the Employee Incident Report and submit the report to your supervisor or to Julie Rogers, Benefits Coordinator.  For medical attention, we request you visit XPress Wellness (231 S Andover Road) and return the Work Status Report completed by your health care provider to Julie Rogers at District Office as soon as possible.

Workers’ compensation claims must be reported to your supervisor and information forwarded to Julie Rogers within 20 days of the incident in order to file the claim with our workers’ compensation carrier.

Questions? Call Julie Rogers at (316) 218-4675, school extension 21122.

Interlocal Employees

Click the link below for information on how to file a workers’ compensation claim.


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