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Health Issues In The School Setting

Below you will find information and notes shared with the district.

Just A Few Fast Items:

  1. Send your student with a water bottle they can refill at the fountain. Good hydration is important especially for days of high activity, stress, or heat. 
  2. Breakfast is important, even if your student thinks they can do without.  Remind them daily!
  3. Dress appropriately to go outside in the weather. 
  4. Tell your elementary student NOT to try to hang from recess equipment with their gloves on.
  5. Washing requires soap, otherwise its just a rinse. 

Available on this web page you will find information on a variety of different subjects from communicable illnesses (general procedures) to vision screenings (screening).  Please let Your School Nurse know if you have further questions. 


Thank you,

Your District Lead Nurse

Nurse Kellie

K. Bamford, RN, BSN, MEd