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Meet the Superintendent Student Advisory Team (SuperSAT)

Meet our Superintendent's Student Advisory Team (SuperSAT)

This team consists of students at the high school level who provide a student voice on matters of importance and assists communication between the district and the students. The team also shares students' views and concerns with educational importance, as well as study issues that arise and make relevant recommendations to the Superintendent. The intent of this group is also to include opportunities for them to learn more about how the district, board and community work together. SuperSAT meets monthly throughout the school year.


Ashley Austin Malachi
Megan Ian Megan
Dylan Brett Ahmya
Autumn Saylor Cara

Andover Central High School

Ian Collins
Trey DeGarmo
Ahmya Forgit
Autumn Irick

Adam Ray
Megan Terrell​
Ashley Zellers

Andover High School

Brett Albright
Cara Brockmeyer
Dylan DeVaughn

Saylor Middleton
Malachi Watson
Megan Whiddon

Andover eCademy