State Assessments

In 2010, the Kansas Department of Education adopted the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (KCCRS). In addition to being more rigorous than any previous standards, the KCCRS emphasize the need for students not only to know the content being taught, but also to be able to demonstrate their knowledge through the ability to reason and think critically in order to craft solutions to problems.

2015 marks the first time Kansas students were assessed in English language arts and mathematics using the new Kansas College and Career Ready Academic Assessment developed by the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation (CETE) and fully aligned to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards. Unlike previous assessments, this new computer assessment employs technology-enhanced items that require a student to go beyond simply answering a multiple-choice question. Because of the dramatic shift in assessment format as well as the increased rigor, results cannot be compared to any previous assessment. The 2015 results will serve as a benchmark by which to measure future progress.

Below are several key points to remember when it comes to State Assessments and Andover students: 

Andover gives an incredibly valuable education which continually delivers excellent results. Andover is consistently ranked at the top of Kansas school districts in student performance in the classroom, on the performing stage and on the playing field. Our patrons expect us to maintain high levels of excellence and we deliver this excellence at a low cost per pupil.

State assessment scores from this year cannot be compared to previous years. These assessments are more challenging, providing increased opportunities for graduates to be successful in today's society and in the future.

We have high expectations for our students and staff. We are pleased to see the new state standards raising expectations for all Kansas students. Society is demanding more from our schools and students and we are more than up to the challenge.

Our students continue to score very well on all indicators of success. We expect to do the same on the state assessments once district results are released in October. Historically, an example of our success is we have had the highest ACT scores in the area and one of the highest in the state. Since our ACT scores went up in 2015, we expect to hold our own on the new state assessments.

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