Enrollment FAQs
My student is new to the district. How do I create a PowerSchool account to enroll online?

If your students are new to Andover Public Schools, please complete the New Student Enrollment form for each student. After you are finished, please provide proof of residence in the form of a utility bill and home contract or rental agreement.
Verification documentation can be sent to the district office before July 17 by emailing enrollment@usd385.org, sending a fax to 316-733-3604 or mailing or bringing the verification to the district office. If your documentation is not sent until after July 25, please provide proof of residence to your student’s school.
Once you have provided proof of residence, we will create an account for you and your student in PowerSchool. After the accounts are created, we will email you the login information so that when online enrollment opens on July 18, you will be able to log in and enroll your student using the new E-Registration tool.

When can I enroll at my building?

New students can enroll at buildings Aug. 4 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-4 p.m. Returning students enroll Aug. 3 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-4 p.m. High school counselors will be available during this time to make changes to schedules if necessary.

How do I know which school my student should attend?

Enter your address in our School Assignment Locator to find out which elementary, middle school and high school your student is assigned to.

Are there printed enrollment forms I can fill out?

Enrollment is all online this year. If you do not have internet access at home or if you need help with online enrollment, you may visit the Andover District Office, 1432 N. Andover Road, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. after online enrollment begins on July 17 or at your student’s school beginning July 25.

I forgot my username/password for PowerSchool or RevTrak. How can I reset it?

For help logging into PowerSchool, call your school or the district office. For your RevTrak username and password, call Elizabeth Reinhart or Sherame Kneisel at the district office.

I'm having trouble completing online enrollment with the E-Registration module.

If you are having trouble completing the E-Registration piece of online enrollment, please visit these Frequently Asked Questions. If you are still having trouble, please contact the district office at 316-218-4660 or enrollment@usd385.org

What are the fees for transportation?

For students who live further than 2.5 miles from their building, there is no fee for transportation. Students who live closer than 2.5 miles and who choose to use Andover Public Schools transportation pay a fee of $250 per student with a maximum fee of $350 per family. Payments can be made through the RevTrak Web Store or at the District Office at 1432 N. Andover Rd. Durham School Services or the schools will not take payments at their location.

How do I know if I'm less than 2.5 miles from my building and must pay a fee to use transportation?

If you are uncertain if you live 2.5 miles or closer to your school, you may check your address at this School Assignment Locator or call Durham School Services at 316-218-4621. Your address will be entered into a program that shows the distance of the shortest route from your address to your student's school.

Where can I find bus route information?

You will be notified of your student’s bus route information on Aug. 4 for students in ALL grades. You can access this information in PowerSchool. Directions on how to access this information will be sent Aug. 4.

I want to enroll my high school student in dual credit courses. How do I go about this?

Questions about dual credit courses should be directed to your high school counselor.

Does either high school allow open lunches?

Both high schools allow students in grades 11 and 12 to participate in open lunch. In order to participate, a parent/guardian must answer the open lunch question found on the Permissions tab of E-Registration.

My question wasn't answered here. Who do I contact?

For answers to questions about enrollment, call the district office at 316-218-4660 or email enrollment@usd385.org.

Do I need to enroll through Online Enrollment AND New Student Enrollment at my student's school?

You can enroll in either option, but only one is needed. The New Student Enrollment day at the schools is an additional option for those parents who have not received access to complete online registration. If you’d like to complete online enrollment and are new to Andover, please complete the New Student Enrollment Form to move forward in the online enrollment process.