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Marcia Base Wins My Favorite Teacher Contest

Posted Date: 05/16/2017

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Congratulations to Marcia Base, a teacher at Andover Middle School, for winning the My Favorite Teacher Contest by Barnes & Noble! 

The 2017 contest ran from January 4 until March 1, and gave middle and high school students the opportunity to tell their communities just how much they appreciate their teachers. Students nominated their favorite teacher by writing essays, poems or thank-you letters that shared how their teacher had influenced their life and why they appreciated and admired their teacher.

Marcia Base was named a local winner and was nominated by Jayson Tabor with the help of his sister, Jessie Tabor. Jayson and Jessie, who wrote the winning letter, will receive a certificate of recognition and also be honored alongside Marcia at the ceremony.

Jayson Tabor, a seventh grader in Marcia Base’s special education class, has Jacobsen Syndrome. Though he is unable to write, he asked his sister to help him nominate Ms. Base for the My Favorite Teacher contest by writing a letter explaining how much Ms. Base has impacted his life. Through health issues and the passing of their mother, Ms. Base has been consistent, helpful, encouraging and dedicated, and goes above the call of duty for her students. She teaches social and life skills – and school spirit – to her students, and she is constantly coming up with ways to involve other students of the school with her class, such as using basketball concessions as a teaching opportunity on how to count money. As Jessie wrote, being in Ms. Base’s class has made Jayson talk more, communicate more and be all-around happier. Marcia Base, as well as the paras at Andover Middle School, are much appreciated by both Jayson and Jessie.