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WES Receives Grant from Cox Charities

Posted Date: 05/31/2017

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Congratulations to Wheatland Elementary for being selected to receive a $3,490 grant from Cox Charities for the Printing an Innovative Future program. Wheatland is one of eight Kansas-area schools that will receive funding from the 2017 Cox Charities Innovation in Education grant program.  

Mr. Flory, a fourth-grade teacher at Wheatland, wrote the grant with the project idea for the proposal to design and create parts for a small glider or drone, which the class will put together. They will also research usage rules and write a class user's manual. If they can get the drone to fly, then they will attach a camera to the flyer to record geological features, weather, etc. along the school grounds from an aerial viewpoint. Materials are for a 3-D printer, some spools of filament, a go-pro camera and a small, light-weight motor. Congrats, Wheatland!