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Bond Update: Passing the Bond & Next Steps

Posted Date: 06/20/2017

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Andover voters approved two bond issue questions on Tuesday, May 9 that will fund over $188 million worth of school and athletic projects. The results of the election were:
Question #1:         Yes: 2,412    No: 815 
Question #2:         Yes: 1,772    No: 1,452
The bond issue includes replacing Andover High school and Meadowlark Elementary. It also includes adding storm shelters and secure entrances, a district tennis complex, upgraded athletic facilities, a middle and high school orchestra program, an expanded preschool program and other necessary facility improvements.

Since the bond passing, the district, in partnership with Schaefer, Johnson, Cox, Frey Architecture (SJCF), started planning the projects, which will be completed in approximately three years. The district is also working with bond financial and legal counsel to complete the sale of the bonds. On May 18, the Board of Education (BOE) authorized the sale of the bonds in order to finance the projects defined in Question 1 and Question 2. Between then and the end of June, the sale and closing of bonds will take place. All bonds that are sold in June will be paid off in 17 years. 
There are several parts of each bond project. The first part is owner programming and design. This allows the district to work with SJCF and a construction company to evaluate current plans, design a vision and solidify the project details. Once this is complete, the project then goes into the bidding phase. A goal for the BOE with these projects is for the work to be completed by local contractors. Once the bidding process has been completed, demolition and remodeling or new construction will start. The final step of the project is move-in.

On June 12, the BOE decided to move forward with pursuing construction management-at-risk for bond projects. Construction management-at-risk, or CM-at-risk, has proven to be an extremely beneficial project delivery method. It applies a contractor’s perspective and input to planning and design decision and has the ability to fast track components of construction. The CM-at-risk will be an integral member of the bond project team, which produces a more manageable, predictable project that saves time and money. A few of the many advantages for having a CM-at-risk include serving as the general contractor for projects, providing clarity and advising on the quality, cost and time of projects, providing engineering suggestions and costs analysis, executing the bidding process and a fair and competitive bid environment, establishing and maintaining quality control standards and much more.
The first part of the CM-at-risk selection process is to publish the BOE’s intent to retain construction management for project(s). There is a public comment session regarding the CM-at-risk process that will be held in July. After the public comment session, the BOE will hold three phases to select the CM-at-risk. The first phase includes publishing a notice of intent to issue a Request For Quotation (RFQ). After 15 days, the RFQ will be issued and the BOE will review the submitted construction management qualifications in mid-August. The second phase includes the BOE issuing a Request for Construction Management Proposals, which they will review in late-August/early-September. The third and final phase takes place in early September when the BOE reviews submitted proposals, approves the successful firm at the September meeting and then publishes the name of the chosen firm.
As SJCF and the district move forward with planning, there will be opportunities for staff and community input throughout the life of the bond projects. Staff will be able to review the layout and planned spaces, have input in changes, layouts, storage and any special needs. They will also be able to review construction and have a pre-move-in tour to catch anything that may have been missed. During this time, community stakeholders and administrative staff will be working with SJCF, receive updates and have an opportunity to review bond projects as they are being completed. The district anticipates being able to start bond projects in Fall 2017. 
We want to share a special thanks to our community and all who have been involved in this process and the campaign. You are the main reason Andover is a great place to raise a family and we look forward to our bright future.