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Teachers Friend & Ryan Publish EdTech Article

Posted Date: 08/23/2017

Teachers Friend & Ryan Publish EdTech Article

Congratulations to Andrea Friend and Stacey Ryan, Andover Middle School teachers, for publishing an article on using EdTech in the classroom! Read their advice below:

“Schools strive to implement the latest and greatest technology tools, but new tech is nothing if it doesn’t align with your district’s mission, vision and the classroom teaching models already put in place. Instead of just purchasing the shiniest new technology, more districts are asking important questions such as:

  • How does this fit with our current technology plan?
  • Can it be used for multiple purposes?
  • How will it impact student achievement?

At Andover Middle School, our two classrooms are fully equipped with interactive whiteboards, projectors, document cameras and Lightspeed audio systems. We also have access to Chromebooks, iPads, Surfaces and other technology available through the school or district technology department.

In our experience, the most successful technology shows immediate benefits for our students and has multiple purposes. As educators, if we see that the new technology does not align to what we are doing in our classes, it will quickly become something we don’t use. For example, if there’s a class that does a lot of project-based learning, we will lean towards tools and resources that promote collaboration and sharing of ideas.

So how do you make sure your newest ed tech purchase is something your educators can and will use?”

Read more of Andrea and Stacey’s tips at