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Journalism Students Shine at NSPA Convention

Posted Date: 11/18/2015

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Journalism students from Andover High School and Andover Central High School received high accolades at the Journalism Education Association and National School Press Association convention in Orlando, where they heard top-notch guest speakers, went on area media tours and competed for awards.

Andover High School Awards:
Emma Starks, Honorable Mention in Broadcast: On-Air Reporter
Cooper Degner, Honorable Mention in Yearbook Layout: Theme
Megan Curry, Excellent in News Editing / Headline Writing
Reilly Peare, Superior in Yearbook Student Life Photography

Andover Central High School Awards:
Ashley Kramer, Superior in Newsmagazine: Layout
Madisen Huscher, Excellent in Graphic Design: Infographics
Kelli Sleefe, Honorable Mention in Yearbook Copy / Caption: Clubs
Jack Griffith, Honorable Mention in Review Writing
Kirsten King, Honorable Mention in Yearbook Cover / Endsheets
Brynnan Norris, Honorable Mention in Yearbook Copy / Caption: Student Life
The Jungle Book Yearbook took 9th place Best in Show yearbooks 232 pages or less.

Well done to all our journalism students!