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Prairie Creek Elementary Students Develop The Kindness Project

Posted Date: 03/01/2018

Prairie Creek Elementary Students Develop The Kindness Project

Students in Shanda Seibel’s fifth grade class at Prairie Creek Elementary School are hoping to bring kindness to the lives of others.  

It all started after students asked Seibel how they could change what’s going on in the world. They decided a simple act of kindness big or small could make a difference which developed into The Kindness Project with the main goal, spreading kindness. 

The students created 100 Acts of Kindness to help people get started. The acts range from volunteering to babysit, to simply making someone smile. Students are asking others to join them by registering and following them on social media. They have created two ways to participate: One is filling social media with small acts of kindness using the hashtag “#TheRoadToKindness” when you do a good deed. The other is giving up a Valentine’s Day party to help someone else. 

The fifth grade class is forgoing their annual Valentine’s Day party and making valentine boxes to donate to kids in Wichita’s Littlest Heroes, a non-profit that helps support children with a life-threatening diagnosis. 

The project is receiving attention, featured in the Wichita Eagle. They’ve even made pleas on Twitter for help from Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres and inviting those who aren’t a school to participate. One fifth grade class in New York is participating by making valentines for a cancer hospital. Click here to see how you can participate in The Kindness Project. 

Fifth Graders at develop Kindness Program

Mrs. Seibel’s Fifth Grade Class.