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NFHS, State Associations Continue Efforts to Reduce Risk of Concussions

Posted Date: 12/31/2015

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From the Kansas State High School Activities Association:

As the end of the 2015 high school football season nears completion, this provides the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and its 51 member state associations an opportunity to reflect on the work that has been accomplished in the area of player safety. With more than one million student-athletes involved in the sport at the high school level, the NFHS and its member state associations have made risk minimization in football – and all sports – a top priority for many years.

The NFHS has a sound rules-writing process focused in significant part on risk minimization. Also, through the use of online education courses for players, coaches, officials and parents; and the adoption of state laws and protocols for concussion management, the sport of football at the high school level is as safe as it has been since the first rules were written in 1932.

With more than one million students playing the full-contact, collision sport of high school football, there undoubtedly is a degree of risk involved. But from the prohibition of spearing in the mid 1970s to the continued focus on eliminating helmet-to-helmet contact, tremendous strides have been made to reduce that inherent risk of injury.

Read about some of the important steps taken by the NFHS and its member state associations to manage the risk of concussions in high school sports: