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Year-end notes from Andover Food Service

Posted Date: 04/19/2018

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Middle and High School students:

Beginning May 7 through the end of the school year, when lunch account balances fall to zero or below, charges will not be allowed. This year-end policy allows Andover Food Services to prepare for end-of-year accounting. Signs will be posted in the cafeterias to give middle and high school student's time to prepare for the zero balance cut-off policy. Also during this time, the cashiers begin informing students as they come through the lunch line.

Students who qualify for free meal benefits and have negative lunch account balances (due to á Ia carte or snack milk purchases) will not be denied a school meal, as established by USDA.

Please remember that a negative or positive account balance in a student account at year-end will carry over to the new school year with a returning student. Graduating students or students withdrawing from the Andover School District will be required to settle their accounts prior to being released.

Final lunch system emails will be distributed on Thursday, May 24. It will reflect purchases through the last day of school, May 23.

Deposits into school lunch accounts can be made at individual school kitchens, online on on the" Payments for Meals & Fees" tab, or at the Support Services Building at 202 W Market. Emails concerning lunch balances will come from the Food Service Department via Bonnie Scarth. You may contact the Food Service department at 316-218-4603.


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