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Retirees, award winners honored at program

Posted Date: 05/08/2018

Retirees, award winners honored at program
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Teachers, staff and volunteers from throughout Andover Public Schools were honored Monday night at the annual Outstanding Service Awards Program and Retirement Reception.

The reception, at Andover High School, is the district’s way of honoring those who stand out in their jobs or volunteer work, as well as to thank those retiring for their service.

Those who were honored include:

Golden Apple - Given to a certified staff member with four or more years in USD 385 who demonstrates educational effectiveness.

  • Michelle Johnson, Andover eCademy
  • Stephanie Garcia, Andover Central High School
  • Kristina Endicott, Andover High School
  • Alexis Kamman, Andover Central Middle School
  • Marcia Base, Andover Middle School
  • Tracy Wagner, Cottonwood Elementary
  • Kourtney Thompson, Meadowlark Elementary
  • Michelle Chambers, Prairie Creek Elementary
  • Nellie Hill, Robert M Martin Elementary
  • Jennifer Uhlenhop, Sunflower Elementary
  • Kristie Collins, Wheatland Elementary

Bright Red Apple - Given to certified staff new to the profession who demonstrate educational effectiveness and an ability to inspire students.

  • Crystal Davis, Andover Central High School
  • Rachel Luckett, Andover High School
  • Andrew Potter, Andover Central Middle School
  • Lauren Childs, Robert M Martin Elementary

School Bell - Given to a classified staff member who has given outstanding contributions to the building or district that had a significant impact on services.

  • Jenise Hurley, Andover Central High School
  • Beth Hanson, Robert M Martin Elementary
  • Chris Profit, Wheatland Elementary
  • Trudy Dyer, Cottonwood Elementary

Helping Hands - Goes to a school volunteer in each school who has given outstanding contributions to the building that significantly impacted students.

  • Tom and Angela McKenna, Andover Central High School
  • Dallas Hall, Andover High School
  • Tammy Painter, Andover Central Middle School
  • Glen Snodgrass, Andover Middle School
  • Hannah Olson, Cottonwood Elementary
  • April Luina, Meadowlark Elementary
  • Shana Cables, Prairie Creek Elementary
  • Beth Hollenbeck, Robert M Martin Elementary
  • Beth Baker, Sunflower Elementary
  • Angela Tofteland, Wheatland Elementary

Gold Key - goes to an individual(s), a business or a community/ civic organization that has made outstanding contributions to the district that significantly impacted the students and the school district.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Susan DeVaughn

Spark Award - given to an individual staff member who has played an instrumental role in the district, exudes energy, enthusiasm and excellence in all their endeavors, is an inspiration to others and significantly impacts students and the school district.

  • Rita Frakes, Andover Central High School


BOE $1,000 Scholarship recipients – ACHS: Peyton Burnham and Amanda Lehman  AHS: James Hanson and Alexis Way

Retirees – Gilbert Martinez (5 years), Sam Minton (5 years), Connie Glock (10 years), Annette Nickelson (11 years), Ray Barger (15 years), Trudy Dyer (16 years), Gay Troiani (17 years), Annita Evans (18 years), Pat Chambers (20 years), Nancy Martin (22 years), Barb Minton (22 years) and Julie Clopton (37 years).

Congratulations to all of the winners!