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UPDATED: Online enrollment is now open

Posted Date: 07/27/2018

UPDATED: Online enrollment is now open

Thank you for your patience as we roll out online enrollment for the 2018-19 school year. We have experienced some technical difficulties this week with the new system we are using, PowerSchool Registration, and believe we have worked through most of those.

We attempted to send an email to all parents whose email addresses are in our system, but it appears some parents did not receive that email. Below are the contents of the email. You should now be able to log into PowerSchool, select “Returning Student Registration” and enroll each of your children.

If you have issues or questions regarding enrollment, please call or email your child’s school, or email

Here are the contents of the original email:

Online enrollment is now open for Andover Public Schools. 

Registration is a three-step process and is not complete until all three steps below are completed.

  1. Online enrollment through PowerSchool Registration 
  2. Payment of fees through RevTrak 
  3. Entering health information through CareDox

If you do not have access to the internet or need assistance with online enrollment, you may visit the Andover District Office at 1432 N. Andover Road or your student’s school between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.Monday through Friday.

To begin the online enrollment process, please click here and follow the steps below.

  1. Log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you do not have an account, click "Create Account"
  2. Select Returning Student Registration on the left side panel. Note: This is the correct link for both new and returning students.

Q&A about enrollment

  • How do I sign my child up to ride the bus?
    • All students who want to ride the school bus starting on the first day of school must enroll in transportation by Aug. 3. If the student is not enrolled by this date, the student will not be allowed to ride the bus until Aug. 29. You will be notified of your child's bus route on Aug. 11 through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Directions on how to access this information will be sent on Aug. 11.
  • How do I pay my child's fees?
    • Andover Public Schools provides an easy-to-use solution for online payments through RevTrak, our online web store. Through RevTrak, you can pay enrollment fees or make payments to your child’s meal accounts. Please note that a 4 percent service fee will be added to your shopping cart at checkout. You also can pay school fees by check in-person at your child's school, and can pay transportation fees in person at the District Office, 1432 N. Andover Road.
  • What is CareDox?
    • CareDox allows you to enter your child's health information. This allows Andover Public Schools to best protect the health of your child, including any conditions that teachers, nurses, and administrators should be aware of.
  • When is the student registration deadline?
    • Deadline to complete online enrollment is Sept. 4. After this date, students with incomplete enrollment forms will not have access to the district's network or their Google accounts. Once enrollment is completed, students will regain access.

Q&A about PowerSchool Registration

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding student registration.

  • What if I can’t remember my login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
    • If you are not able to retrieve your login information using the “Having trouble signing in?” link on the Sign In page, please contact your student's school for further assistance.
  • Do I have to answer all the questions?
    • You should try to answer every question, but questions that require an answer will be marked as "Required.”
  • What if I entered the wrong information?
    • If you have not submitted the form, you could go back to previous pages and make your corrections.
  • I’ve submitted the enrollment form, now what?
    • The information you have entered will be sent to your child's school.
  • What if I have more than one child attending Andover Public Schools? Do I need to register each child?
    • Yes, since certain information only pertains to a specific child. We recommend that you complete registration for one child then start another – this will allow you to “snap over” shared family information.
  • What is this question asking?
    • If you are unsure about a question, please call or email your child's school, or email us at