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Andover 2019 Spelling Bee Winners

Posted Date: 01/17/2019

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The annual Andover Spelling Bees for Elementary, Middle and eCademy took place last week. Mr. Brett White, Superintendent, and Mrs. Katherine Munsen, a parent volunteer, pronounced the words to the students with several staff members across the district serving in the role of judges for the bees.

Our Andover Spelling Bee winners will be representing their school at the Butler County Spelling Bee on Feb. 1st at Butler County Community College in El Dorado, Kansas.

The 2019 winners and runner-ups from each school are: 

  • Cottonwood – first place: Collin Hughes; runner-up: Will Rather
  • Meadowlark – first place: Isaac Bird; runner-up: Isac Rains
  • Prairie Creek – first place: Colt Farrow; runner-up: Elena Scott
  • Robert Martin – first place: Lilian Thiessen; runner-up: Sarah Hlayhel
  • Sunflower – first place: Tessa Cooper; runner-up: Ryan Byun
  • Wheatland – first place: Barrett Hill; runner-up: Isabella Kwaw
  • eCademy – first place: Emersyn Preutt; runner-up: Cammie Depeugh
  • Andover Central Middle – first place: Emma Cooper; runner-up: London Seglem
  • Andover Middle – first place: Jeremiah Rather; runner-up: Jefferson Lee