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Temporary bonds to address waterproofing, District Office issues

Posted Date: 12/10/2019

The Andover Board of Education on Monday approved issuing an additional $5 million in temporary general obligation bonds to fix waterproofing issues at several schools from previous construction and address drainage issues and other concerns at the future District Office location.

This additional $5 million will not raise the tax rate. This is possible because the district did not issue the full $188 million in bonds voters approved in May 2017. Thus, the district has bond authority to utilize, and the short-term note will be paid in full over the next year, not affecting the long-term debt repayment schedule.

The additional funds will go toward two needs: 

Several of our schools are experiencing water infiltration issues. The leaking is not related to new roofs; instead, the water is coming in through brick and other spaces on the exterior of the buildings. This is from previous construction projects and has nothing to do with our current bond partners.

The original plan for a new District Office was to renovate the current Meadowlark Elementary after staff and students move to the new Meadowlark in fall 2020. However, after further analysis of the Meadowlark building, there are more issues with its 60-year-old infrastructure and site drainage than originally known. The district is now investigating two other options: 

  • Razing a portion of Meadowlark to improve drainage on the site, and renovating the remaining space, with some new square footage on the front of the building;
  • Razing a larger portion of the building and constructing a new District Office on the site.

District administrators believe these options will lead to a more responsible use of tax dollars and will ensure the construction of a District Office that will serve our community for generations to come. With either of these options, the Andover eCademy portion of the building will remain in use.