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Implementing Project Lead the Way and Ramp Up to Readiness in USD 385 classrooms

Posted Date: 09/21/2016

Implementing Project Lead the Way and Ramp Up to Readiness in USD 385 classrooms

New this year, USD 385 is implementing Project Lead the Way and Ramp Up to Readiness in the middle and high schools to prepare students for success beyond high school. Kansas leads the world in the success of the individual student. A successful Kansas high school graduate has the academic and cognitive preparation, technical and employability skills and civic engagement to be successful in postsecondary education or in the workforce. 

Implementing Project Lead the Way courses and Ramp Up to Readiness came from the Andover College & Career Task Force. This task force evaluates current curriculum and practices and makes recommendations for our K-12 college and career guidance curriculum. Team members include principals, teachers, counselors, parents, local businesses/community and high school students. 

Implementing Project Lead the Way has created new classes for middle school students, such as Design & Modeling, Intro to Computer Science, Careers & Science Exploration (CASE) and Medical Detectives. These classes provide students with innovative ways to learn. An example of a lesson in Design & Modeling is where students will design a prototype foot orthosis to help improve the gait of people with cerebral palsy. Seventh and 8th graders have the opportunity to participate in a blood pressure and heart rate lab as part of the Medical Detectives class.  

Ramp up to Readiness is a program created at the University of Minnesota that focuses on academics, admissions, careers, finances and personal/social abilities. The high schools are implementing the program on a weekly basis during seminar and advisory times while the middle schools are implementing the program in all grades. Andover Middle School is utilizing Ramp Up to Readiness in core classes on a quarterly basis and every other day for 6th grade. Andover Central Middle School is executing Ramp Up for 6th grade every other day with involvement in the 7th and 8th grade classes. The program has several units that include engagement for parents. Andover Central and Andover High Schools will be sharing information throughout the year about what their students are doing in Ramp Up time, how parents can be involved and how they can talk to students about what they are doing in class. Middle schools have posted Ramp Up information on the websites, teacher pages and included it in Meet Your Teacher Nights. Potential improvements include advisory/seminar lead conferences in the spring at the high schools as well as discussions of student data, career information and course options. 

The Andover College & Career Task Force is currently working on five outcomes to measure the progress of the vision for the students: Kindergarten readiness, Individual Plans of Study (IPS) focused on career interest, high school graduation rates, post secondary completion and attendance, and social/emotional growth. The task force will also develop IPS for the middle and high schools. Click here for more information.