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Family Playbook for 2020-21 now available

Posted Date: 08/06/2020

Tonight, we are sending you the first draft of our Family Playbook for 2020-21. This document is the result of hard work by teachers, nurses, principals, district administrators and others who are committed to creating the safest possible school environment for the year.

Some of the information in the family playbook is pending approval by the Andover Board of Education during its meeting on Monday. Also, please know that this playbook will continue to evolve as we add resources and as conditions change in our community’s health situation during the year. We want this to be a “living” document and a place that you can go for the latest information about the school year.  As we continue to update you during the year, we will let you know of significant changes or additions that are made to this playbook.

Click here to view the Family Playbook.

As always, we appreciate your partnership and support of your child’s education.