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10/6/20 Update: COVID Team Recommends Staying in "Yellow Zone," Gating Criteria Changes

Posted Date: 10/06/2020


Our COVID Response and Assessment Team met and determined our district remains in the “yellow” zone based on our Andover Gating Criteria. As a result, we will remain in our current models of learning for now.

The team also recommended a change to our Gating Criteria, which the Andover Board of Education will consider at its meeting on Monday. Currently, our Gating Criteria group middle school and high school together in the same learning models. The proposed change would separate middle school and high school, to give the district flexibility to offer different learning models for middle and high school in the “yellow” and “orange” zones. If approved by the Board, the criteria would read as follows:

Gating criteria proposed changes
We appreciate the medical professionals, community and business leaders, and representatives from the district for their insight and input in helping us analyze community health data and making these recommendations. We are encouraged by the data thus far. 

Resources about our COVID response during the 2020-21 school year, which we’re calling our Roadmap to Reopening, can be found at The web page includes our Family Playbook, weekly COVID positive case report, a form to provide feedback and more. 

We know that parents and educators are working harder than ever to support students during this extraordinary time. Thank you for your sacrifices, patience and grace.