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Statement on Critical Race Theory

Posted Date: 07/22/2021

We occasionally receive questions about whether Andover Public Schools teach Critical Race Theory. As the Kansas State Department of Education notes, “Critical race theory is an advanced and complex concept with roots extending to the 1970s and the examination of how laws and systems promote inequality. CRT is not new. It has existed with little fanfare for more than 40 years.”

Simply put, Critical Race Theory is not part of state teaching standards, our local curriculum, our policies or our practices. Our schools teach about the history of the United States. That includes slavery, the Civil War, the Civil Rights movement, and other historical events that involve race and ethnic relations. This is not Critical Race Theory. That is our country’s history. 

Our administrators and educators work diligently to ensure our students have an accurate and comprehensive social studies curriculum. We are constantly working to improve the educational experience.

Please contact your child’s principal if you have specific questions or concerns. Often the internet and social media posts contain false and inaccurate information, so we welcome the opportunity to dispel rumors and provide accurate information to you.

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