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Board of Education Recognition Month: Hope & Wilson

Posted Date: 01/30/2017

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January is Board of Education Recognition month! This week we are featuring BOE member Dr. Linda Hope and BOE Member Scott Wilson.

Linda has been a board member since 2001. Her term runs through December 2017. She is a retired elementary principal.  Linda is married to John and they have two grown children, both of whom graduated from Andover Schools. She serves on the Board Scholarship Fund and District Recognition Program Committee. Linda also serves as the Butler County Interlocal Board Member. She represents District 3.

Scott has been a board member since 2011. His current term runs through December 2019. Scott is a financial planner at HW Capital Management and is married to Susie. They have two children who both attend Andover Schools. He serves on the Governmental Relations Network and the Liquidated Damages Appeal Board. Scott represents District 3.