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Wheatland Students Skype & Learn about Fake News

Posted Date: 03/07/2017

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Wheatland Elementary students in Todd Flory’s fourth-grade class recently learned about fake news. The students Skyped with a class in California and participated in a Fake News Challenge. 

The Wheatland Elementary students chose two real articles and wrote one fake article of their own. They presented all three stories to the California class, who then had to judge which article was fake. In the article, Flory says his students struggled most with writing the fake article because it still had to be believable; the changes between real and fake can be subtle.  

Every Friday, the class also participates in a “Genius Hour” where they propose a question to answer through online research. The activity teaches them how to find and use reliable websites. The class also uses Skype to connect with researchers and scientists from all over the world. One such Skype session this year was with a penguin scientist.

NPR wrote an article on Flory’s class, focusing on media literacy and news credibility. Click here to read the full story.