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New Durham Bus Tracker App

Posted Date: 03/10/2017

New Durham Bus Tracker App

New from Durham is the Durham Bus Tracker app! This free app will securely allow parents/guardians to view the location of their student(s)'s bus in relation to their assigned bus stop. It also provides information about their routes, in near real-time, including the scheduled arrival time of each stop. See this flyer for a link to download the app.

The Durham Bus Tracker works with the GPS technology currently installed on the Durham buses. More specifically, the app reads the GPS signals of the bus in motion to provide you with the location of the bus while in route. The app is set up so security information (username and password, along with individual student name(s) and student ID number(s) and the location) must be provided before the bus location can be viewed. This helps to ensure that only parents and guardians of students assigned to specific bus route(s) are able to view the location of their student’s bus.

For more information, visit the Transportation Department on the district website or view the app’s Frequently Asked Questions