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ACHS Successful at KS Scholastic Press Association Regionals

Posted Date: 03/24/2017

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Andover Central High School had great success at the Kansas Scholastic Press Association Regionals in Emporia. See the 30 winners below:

  • Sydney Sagehorn – Honorable mention in Copy Editing
  • Nicolas Detter – Honorable mention in Sports Writing
  • Devin Gerber – 3rd place in Yearbook Copywriting
  • Kelli Sleefe – Honorable mention in Yearbook Copywriting and 1st place in Yearbook Layout
  • Kinsley Ochsher – 2nd place in Feature Writing
  • Braeden Winters – Honorable mention in Feature Writing
  • Wil Ullinann – 2nd place in News Writing
  • Colton Trowbridge – 3rd place in News Writing
  • Alexandra Schumann – 2nd place in Cutline Writing
  • Grace Pool – 3rd place in Cutline Writing
  • Madeline Spurlock – 1st place in Editorial Writing
  • Clark Schoonover – Honorable mention in Yearbook Sports
  • Darryl Givens – 1st place in Academics Photography
  • Jason Thompson – 2nd place in Academics Photography
  • Luke Redfern – 1st place in Advertising
  • Claire Monroe – 3rd place in Advertising
  • Grace Flynn – 3rd place in Headline Writing and Design
  • Katie Larson – Honorable mention in Headline Writing and Design
  • Sarah Kohman – 2nd place in Infographics
  • Sarah Johnson – 3rd place in Infographics
  • Logan Powell – 1st place in News Page Design and 2nd place in Copy Editing
  • Victoria Eastman – Honorable mention in News Page Design
  • Cailin Steward – 2nd place in Photo Illustration
  • Grace Blackman – Honorable mention in Photo Illustration
  • Bryn Harding – 2nd place in Sports Photography
  • Andrea Ferch – 1st place in Student Life Photography
  • Maddy Miles – 2nd place in Student Life Photography
  • Angelynn Ng – 3rd place in Yearbook Layout
  • Brynnan Norris & Lyndsay Stinson – 2nd place in Yearbook Theme and Graphics
  • Maddie Wilson & Morgan Housley – 3rd place in Yearbook Theme and Graphics