How Andover spends their money


Andover USD 385 has implemented many operational efficiencies since 2009 and is operating near the top of the state in efficiency based on per pupil expenditures. Our overall budget for the 2015-16 school year was $72,926,334. We spent approximately $10,754 on each pupil and Andover was ranked the third most efficient district in the state for 2013-14 per pupil expenditures.

Fifty-two percent of our budget went to instruction and students in the classroom.

Only nine percent of district funds went to Administration. The total was $94 less than the state average.



Andover has had a steady enrollment increase over the last 10 years. Our district is very efficient with our funds and operated in 2015-16 on $443 per/pupil LESS than we did in 2009.
In 2014-15, local revenue showed a decrease and state aid showed an increase. This reflects an increase in state equalization aid for the Local Option Budget (LOB) and Capital Outlay, enhanced virtual funding and certain local revenues being sent to the state and redistributed to school districts from the state level.