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Coronavirus/COVID-19 FAQs

General Information

  • We will give students a manageable amount of assignments and learning challenges. Continuous learning shifts how instruction is delivered and the quantity of assignments. We will provide more agency to students and families in how learning is demonstrated. We also know that flexible schedules and deadlines are key to success. We know that each family situation is unique, so we need to provide flexibility to them. Keep in mind that many families have limited data internet and one device which must be shared between multiple people.
  • Students will receive feedback about their assignments to guide learning
  • Students will receive grades for select assignments per teacher discretion. Assessment still occurs, but we are suggesting rubrics and feedback only. Weekly assignments, projects and video check-ins are all ways to assess learning. We will evaluate student progress on the most important standards, through assignments, projects, student-created work, etc.
  • Students are expected to actively participate in continuous learning. Students will have the opportunity to keep their current grade in class/subject the same or raise it, provided they are participating and giving effort in continuous learning. We do not want to penalize students by having grades decrease when we have little control of their access to technology or home learning environment and flexibility will be utilized in these situations.

The recommended guidelines for MAXIMUM student commitment for direct instruction and assignments each day are as follows: 

  • Pre-K : 30 minutes 
  • Grades K-1: 45 minutes 
  • Grades 2-3: 60 minutes 
  • Grades 4-5: 90 minutes 
  • Grades 6-12: 30 minutes per teacher (3 hours max in a day)

The guidelines include both instruction and assignment/project work time. The guidelines above are meant for any delivery model -- packets, on-line, hybrid, etc.

Andover Public Schools will distribute technology when needed so that all students are able to complete coursework. We also will work with families to secure Internet access through free or significantly reduced cost. Contact for more information.

Please consult our Continuous Learning Family and Caregiver Playbook. If you have additional questions, please talk with your child’s teacher(s) or principal.

Yes, Pre-K teachers and students will be part of the Continuous Learning plan. Fees for our fee-based Pre-K program will be reduced to $100 for April and $100 for May.

During this time of school closures in Kansas, we will work to consider what general education is providing and offer special education services that are appropriate, accessible, and reasonable in light of the circumstances we face. This current situation will not affect your child’s transition for next year. All transitions will occur as previously expected.

Transportation fees will not be refunded for the fourth nine weeks of the 2019-20 year. Even with the move to an online learning environment, there are still significant fixed transportation costs that the district incurs. District administration is considering a one-time reduction in transportation fees for the 2020-21 school year.

The balance of meal accounts will be carried over to the 2020-21 school year. However, families may request a refund here

All regular USD 385 employees will be paid the entirety of their wages. Likewise, employees of the Butler County Special Education Interlocal will receive their full wages.

Andover eCademy is continuing online lessons as planned. However, in-person instruction will cease in compliance with the governor’s order.

Unfortunately, previously scheduled graduations will not proceed as planned due to CDC and health department restrictions. It is very important to us to honor and celebrate our seniors. We will be working with stakeholders on plans to celebrate our seniors and other end-of-the-year events.

We will wait to see what the next few months hold before determining what to do with Kindergarten Roundup. It may be rescheduled or held in a virtual manner.

Some school photos are being distributed with personal items during pick-up times. Please contact your school for more information. 

Yes, schools are sending out information on how and when.

We do not yet know whether driver’s ed will proceed as planned.

The change in the school year shouldn’t affect construction on new facilities or those being renovated/expanded