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2022-23 Award Winners

2022-23 Outstanding Service Award Winners

Golden Apple
Natasha Brokschmidt (CES)
Troy Smith (MES)
Becky Routh (PCES)
Allison Perry (RMES)
Amy Winter (SES)
Theresa Walker (WES)
Stacia Kaylor (ACMS)
Robin Anderson (AMS)
Cary Conover (AHS)
Andrea Lehning (ACHS)
Gary Merritt (eCademy)

Helping Hand
Carrie Lindeman (CES)
Heather Haug (MES)
Natalie Daugherty (SES)
Karen Maskell (WES)
Craig Noah (ACHS)
Ann Courrier (eCademy)

School Bell
Saylis Sengvilay (MES)
Shana Mann (AMS)
Annelise Collins (eCademy)
Alice Collins (District)
Jarrod Clutter (CES)
Amy Schoonover (PCES)
Delphie Ortega (SES)

Bright Red Apple
Maggie Carney (CES)
Brianna Oglesby (PCES)
Beth Seals (SES)
Kristen Keene (AMS)
Kiara O’Dea (AHS)
Emily Son (RMES and WES)
Cole Hurley (AHS and ACHS)

Gold Key
Credit Union of America

Stacey Ryan (instructional coach)

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