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2021-22 Award Winners

2021-22 Outstanding Service Award Winners

Golden Apple

  • Heather von Merveldt (SES)
  • Kevin Brightup (ACMS)
  • Rebecca Alstatt (eCademy)
  • Brooke Holcomb (MES)
  • Stephanie Lane (RMES)
  • Regina Harshaw (PCES)
  • Heather Hawkins (ACHS)
  • Kate Suhr (AHS)
  • Janelle Tittsworth (AMS)
  • Ashley Wiltse (CES)
  • Tobe Wallace (WES)

Helping Hand

  • Wally and Melissa Boozer (ACHS)
  • Betsy Poland (WES)
  • Katie McCracken (RMES)
  • Sandy Jones (SES)

School Bell

  • Sandy Kramer (eCademy)
  • Richard Dixon (technology)
  • Desiree Shellenberger (RMES)
  • Holly Day (PCES)

Bright Red Apple

  • Kora Snavely (MES)
  • Bella White (PCES)
  • Kristi Raehpour (AHS)
  • Ashley Hurley (CAPS)
  • Shelly Smith (RMES)
  • Whitney Vernia (SES)

Gold Key

  • Becky Wolfe (Andover Area Chamber of Commerce)


  • Joel Schaefer (AHS/Saturday Academy)

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