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English Language Learners

English Learners

An EL, or English Learner, is a student who is aged 3 through 21, whose home or native language is other than English, and whose current limitations in the ability to understand, speak, read or write English impact their effective participation in their school education programs. ELs may be immigrants or refugees bron in another country or they may be born in the United States living in homes where another language besides (or in addition to) English is spoken.

2021 Immigrant students and languages in the district


English Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) Locations

Heather Eilert

Heather Eilert, ESOL district coordinator/Sunflower Elementary ESOL


Steph Albright

Steph Albright, ESOL district admin assistant

Jenny Benton

Jenny Benton, Andover High School/Andover Middle School ESOL and ELDP/Cottonwood Elementary ESOL

Sarah Wilborn

Sarah Wilborn, Andover Central High School/Andover Central Middle School ESOL

Sarah Hershey

Sarah Hershey, Robert Martin Elementary/Andover eCademy ESOL

Becky Zarich

Becky Zarich, Meadowlark Elementary/Prairie Creek Elementary ESOL

Melanie Hutchinson, Wheatland Elementary ESOL/ELDP

Melanie Hutchinson, Wheatland Elementary ESOL/ELDP