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Non-Academic Tests, Questionnaires, Surveys and Exams

Kansas law requires parental notification and opt-in for certain non-academic tests, questionnaires, surveys or examinations (NTQSE).

What is an NTQSE?

Non-academic tests, questionnaires, surveys or examinations ask questions about private attitudes, values and beliefs as well as practices of a student, parent, guardian, family member, associate, friend and/or peer. Screeners and other measures that impact academic progress and instructional practices are not subject to this law.

What is included in the law: 

  • Parent/guardian must be notified in writing no more than four months prior to the administration of the NTQSE.
  • Notification must include a copy of the NTQSE; a description for how a parent provides written consent; the name of the company or entity that developed the NTQSE; and how the data will be used.
  • Parent/guardian must opt-in with consent in writing or electronic signature for each NTQSE.
  • Students may choose to opt-out of a NTQSE, and must be informed of that right.
  • A copy of each NTQSE must be posted on the district's website.

District NTQSE questions can be found below.

NTQSE questions