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Thumbnail Image for Article 233Andover Public Schools named Best School District in Wichita Metro Area by k12.Niche.com
Posted Date: 01/20/2015

Andover Central High, Andover Central Middle, and Robert M. Martin also take 1st place in their divisions

We are excited to announce that Andover Public Schools has been named the Best School District in the Wichita Metro Area byK12.Niche.com! Andover Central High School was named the Best Public High School in the Wichita Metro Area with Andover High School taking 7th place. Andover Central Middle School was ranked the Best Public Middle School with Andover Middle School coming in a close 2nd. Robert M. Martin took the top spot on the Best Public Elementary School with Sunflower, Meadowlark, Wheatland, and Prairie Creek following closely with rankings of 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 7th.

Niche.com uses a variety of statistics and feedback to make their selections. They believe that "the quality of a school or district should be measured, at least in part, by the parents and students who actually go there. They should also be measured by hard data and across a number of key factors so that no one factor dominates a ranking. Most importantly, they should be measured by their results. The most unique thing about our rankings is that they incorporate student outcomes."

Niche.com goes "to great lengths to ensure that our rankings represent a comprehensive assessment of each school or district. Each Survey Score used in each ranking represents a composite score of several different survey questions pertaining to that topic. Of the dozens of statistical factors that go into each ranking, no one factor accounts for a majority of the overall weight. For example, in our Best Public High Schools ranking, no single factor accounts for more than 15 percent of the overall ranking."

Congratulations to all on this well deserved achievement!