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Thumbnail Image for Article 245School Board Adopts Resolution to Keep Partisan Politics Out of Education
Posted Date: 02/16/2015

The Andover USD 385 Board of Education voted Monday to adopt a resolution aimed at focusing on students and educational excellence while keeping partisan politics battles out of the classroom. With a vote of 6-0, the Board of Education adopted Resolution #14-15-08 regarding the Kansas State Legislature’s proposal to alter the process for electing public board of education members in Kansas.

“The future of education and student success is dependent on our ability to work together and focus on continued student achievement while maintaining fiscal responsibility,” said Scott Wilson, Andover USD 385 board president. “It’s not about being Republican or Democrat. Decisions made at the board table are about ensuring we provide the best educational opportunity and environment for our students. Our students, teachers and community deserve a school board which is elected based on the desire and focus to serve Andover schools, not just what’s trending politically. We have a great relationship and open dialogue with our state legislators who represent our district in Topeka, and that is without party affiliation. We want to keep our focus on our local school while they focus on the politics. We adopted this resolution to help ensure those relationships continue.”

The adopted resolution was signed by the board clerk and delivered to the five state lawmakers who represent Andover.

Andover continues to focus on achieving educational excellence while constantly looking for ways to improve and operate efficiently. “We believe the current system of elections has served us well,” said Andover Superintendent Greg Rasmussen. “We are extremely proud of our accomplishments, but we aren’t yet satisfied. We have high expectations for our students, teachers and staff. We owe it to our community and patrons to continue to strive to be better. So with that in mind, we will continue to find ways to promote higher levels of student learning while at the same time, operate in a cost efficient and effective manner. That’s the Andover Way. And that’s what we will continue to do. A non-partisan Board of Education will help us to do just that.”