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Thumbnail Image for Article 261Student journalists advance to state contest
Posted Date: 03/24/2015

Congratulations to our student journalists! Twenty Andover Central High School students and 12 Andover High School students who entered their work in the 2015 Kansas Scholastic Press Association regional contest won or received honorable mention! 

The Kansas Scholastic Press Association is a non-profit composed of Kansas journalism students and  teachers, and provides journalism education leadership for Kansas teachers and students. The KSPA provides a support system through contests, conferences and scheduled activities.

Certificates will be awarded to winners in first, second and third place as well as to three honorable mentions. Award winners are eligible to compete in the state competition Saturday, May 2, 2015 at the University of Kansas.

ACHS winners:

Kailin Stinson: First place in Yearbook Sports Writing
Sierra Swenson: First place in Photo Illustration
Tyler Harris: Second place in Sports Writing
Thomas Giebler: Second place in Editorial Cartoon
Miranda Anaya: Second place in Photo Illustration
Kaylee Gunzelman: Third place in Copy Editing
Braeden Winters: Third place in Sports Writing
Helen Soultanian: Third place in Editorial Writing and Honorable Mention #3 in Advertising
Stephanie Ng: Third place Headline Writing and Design
Lauren Roman: Honorable Mention #1 in Copy Editing and Honorable Mention #3 in Infographics
Bethany Snow: Honorable Mention #1 in Infographics
Corinna Powell: Honorable Mention #2 in Editorial Writing
Bryn Harding: Honorable Mention #2 in Academics Photography 
Riley Bishop: Student Life Photography
Sarah Johnson: Honorable Mention #3 in Cutline Writing
Meredith Moxley: Honorable Mention #3 in Academics Photography
Quinn O’Connor: Honorable Mention #3 in Newspaper Page Design
Matt Flynn: Honorable Mention #3 in Student Life Photography
Brooke Pedersen and Kailin Stinson: Theme Development and Graphics

AHS Winners:

Grant Cohen: First place in Sports Writing
Megan Curry: First place in Cutline Writing
Sarah Miller: First place in Academics Photography
Elise Lindemann: Second place in Student Life Photography
Taylor Messina and Regan Mousley: Second place in Yearbook Theme and Graphics
Trevor Newton: Third place in Sports Photography
Brittiany Clark: Honorable Mention in Feature Writing
Melissa Lawrence: Honorable Mention in Yearbook Copy Writing
Ashli Ellerman:Honorable Mention in News Writing
Megan Curry: Honorable Mention in Copy Editing
Meg Plank: Honorable Mention in Photo Illustration
Lindy LeMaster: Honorable Mention in Yearbook Layout