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Food and Nutritional Services

David Jackson
David Jackson
Executive Director of Operations

Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith
Director of Food Service

Annette Brown Assistant Director of Food Service  browna@usd385.org

Annette Brown
Assistant Director of Food Service


Bonnie Scarth
Bonnie Scarth
Administrative Assistant/
Food Service Representative


Linda Miller
Linda Miller
Administrative Assistant




Food Services works to provide nutritious and appetizing meals in a supportive and inviting atmosphere. Our department supports the education of children by promoting life-long, healthy attitudes and eating habits by providing services in a clean, safe environment in a cost-effective manner. Opaa! Food Management operates the School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program which incorporates locally grown farm-fresh fruits and vegetables and scratch cooking. We provide a wide variety of fresh, safe, and nutritious choices to support a healthy learning environment.


202 W Market  –  Andover, KS 67002  –  (316) 218-4603

Purchasing Ala Cartes


Student’s ala carte purchasing status will be exactly as it was at the close of last school year. If your student was permitted to purchase ala carte in May of 2018, that same status will be active August of 2018.  If your student was not permitted to purchase ala carte at the end of last school year, that will also be the case for August 2018. If you would like to change or check your student’s ala carte status, please call Bonnie Scarth in the Nutrition Services office at 316-218-4603


Online Free and Reduced Forms



Consent of Disclosure

You DO NOT have to return the Consent of Disclosure form

to get reduced or free meals for your children.

However, If this form is NOT returned you will be responsible for the following fees:  

Textbook, Technology, Transportation and Pay to Participate

Click on the red link above and complete the Consent of Disclosure form.

This form must be returned to 202 W. Market, Andover, KS  67002 


Click on Link below to check your status for Free and Reduced


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