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Helping your high schoolers prepare for finals

It’s that time of year when students begin the process of studying and preparing for their end of semester finals! Here are a few tips to make sure they’re set up for success:

Be aware
Make sure you and your child are aware of the dates for each class’s final exam. Mark the dates on calendars where you will all see and remember!      

Create a schedule
Create a study schedule in the weeks leading up to finals with your child to determine when he/she will study for each class (dedicate certain days to studying for certain tests) 

Create a space
Create a study space where your child can be comfortable and focused, away from distractions. Think about seating, lighting, and resources that might be needed.

Avoid multitasking
Encourage your child to turn off their phone or other devices and focus completely on studying for one test at a time.

Try multiple methods
Consider trying out multiple study methods if your child is not yet sure what works best for him/her.

Prioritize sleep and healthy food
Make sure your child is getting adequate rest and eating a balanced diet in the weeks and days leading up to finals. Especially the tests get closer, set a consistent routine for winding down and going to sleep at a reasonable time each night.

Do your best
Remind your child that you want to see their best effort, and that you support the work they are putting into preparing. 

Be encouraging
As parents, when it comes time for your child to take the tests, be positive and encouraging! Remind them how proud you are of the work they’ve put in and that you believe in them.