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Out-of-District Enrollment

Hi! Thank you for your interest in out-of-district enrollment for Andover Public Schools.

In 2022, the Kansas Legislature passed a law requiring all school districts in the state to have a policy allowing for students living outside their district boundaries to attend their schools, if there is capacity to do so.

Our district is currently in the process of reviewing how we will determine capacity in our district. Per state statue, in grades K-8, capacity is determined by grade level and by school for each of our elementary and middle buildings. It can be determined by factors such as student-teacher ratios, projected enrollment trends and maximum capacity of classrooms and other spaces in the school.

In grades 9-12, capacity is determined for each high school as a whole, rather than at each specific grade. The same factors, plus anticipated demand for particular courses or programming, can be used in making this determination at the high school level.

The Andover Board of Education approved an overall out-of-district enrollment policy, which largely mirrors state law, in December. The Board accepted public comment hearing on the topic, during a District Site Council meeting and through a form on this page.

Concerns about the law itself, and the requirement to admit out-of-district students, should be directed to the legislators who collectively enacted the law. Here is a list of Kansas House of Representatives members and Kansas Senate members if you would like to contact them to share thoughts, questions, or concerns. 

Next steps:

The district must determine the number of open seats available to nonresidents at each grade, building or program level by May 1, and publish that information on its website by June 1.

From June 1-30, the district must accept applications from out-of-district students. If the number of out-of-district students applying is less than the capacity available, all students must be admitted. If the number of applicants is more than capacity, the district must hold a lottery process to determine who will be accepted.

Per statute, priority is given to military students, students in the custody of the Department of Children and Families and, in future years, to any sibling who already has been accepted to enroll in our schools, as long as there are open spots for those siblings. Once a student has been accepted, he or she can remain an Andover student until graduation, provided the student meets attendance and behavioral expectations specified in the policy. Out-of-district families will be notified by July 15 if they have been accepted to enroll for that school year.

Q&A about open boundaries

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Do you have questions about out-of-district enrollment for the 2024-25 school year? Let us know, and we'll get back to you with answers.


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